Thursday, July 2, 2009

TIBCO EMS Destinations:Queues & Topics

Destinations for messages can be either Topics or Queues. A destination can be created statically in the server configuration files, or dynamically by a client application.

Static Queues and Topics
Static Queues and topics are administered by the server. The configuration information is stored in the configuration files for the Tibco EMS server, which is located in TIBCO_HOME/ems/bin folder. The files are queues.conf and topics.conf. Changes to the configuration information can be made in a variety of ways. To manage static destinations, you can edit the configuration files using a text editor or you can use the administration tool. An EMS Client retrieves the destination information from the JNDI.

Dynamic Queues and Topics
Dynamic queues and topics are created on-the-fly by applications using
QueueSession.createQueue() and TopicSession.createTopic(). Dynamic
queues and topics do not appear in the configuration files, and exist as long as there are messages or consumers on the destination. A client cannot use JNDI to lookup dynamic queues and topics.When you use the show queues or show topics command in the administration tool, you see both static and dynamic topics and queues. The dynamic topics and queues have an asterisk (*) in front of their name in the list of topics or queues.

Temporary Queues and Topics
Servers connected by routes exchange messages sent to temporary topics. As a result, temporary topics are ideal destinations for reply messages in request/reply interactions.

To read Properties of destinations ClickHere


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