Monday, June 1, 2009

New Features in TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks 5.6

Change in Product Name:
TIBCO BusinessWorks has been rebranded as TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks.ActiveMatrix Business Works 5.6 is backward compatible with the earlier 5.x versions of Business Works.

Platform Support:
HPUX 11i v3/11.31 on PA-RISC and IA-64/Itanium is now supported.

Service Container:
TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks now offers a new feature, service container in this release. Once you enable a service container, you can upload multiple EAR files in the same container. All the processes running in a service container are isolated and independent of each other. So if there is a need to add new services or upgrade the existing services in future, you can:
• deploy additional EAR in the same service container without bringing down all the running services.
• upgrade an existing process already running in a service container without affecting all the other processes running in the same service container.

Partner Service Invocation:
To manage lifecycle of BW service through ActiveMatrix administrator, the BW services need to invoke and be invoked by other TIBCO ActiveMatrix components.

XPath Functions for BusinessWorks Process Information:
TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks provides functions in the XPath Formula builder that can be used to fetch process related information for any activity. The available functions are getCurrentProcessName(processID),getCurrentActivityName(processID), and getHostName().

JDBC Palette:
The JDBC Call Procedure, Query and Update activities now support Oracle Objects, BLOB and CLOB, PLS_INTEGER, and PL/SQL table datatypes. The input schema for the JDBC Query activity and the input and output schemas for the JDBC Call Procedure activity display the components of these complex data types in a tree structure.

Security Context Propagation from TIBCO Policy Manager:
TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks populates the security context for Service resource or SOAP Event Source activity with the security information sent by TIBCO ActiveMatrix Policy Manager. Depending on the transport, the security information is sent either as an HTTP header or a JMS Message property.


Badras July 13, 2017 at 10:15 PM  

Can anyone help me in understanding the terminology Active matrix?? Thanks for your response

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