Friday, July 3, 2009

Destination(Queues & Topics) Properties-1

Destination properties are properties that can be applied to queues and/or topics that describe specific behavior of the destination. Each property is described in short and please refer the EMS documentation for deeper understanding.

1. Failsafe: For Both Queue and Topic

TIBCO Enterprise Message Service provides two modes for persisting topic/queue messages in external storage. These two modes are:

  • normal
  • failsafe

In Normal mode all persistent messages are written to the storage in an asynchronous mode, ie data may be in the system buffers for a short duration before written to the disk.

Whereas in failsafe mode, data is not retained in the buffers and written to the disk synchronously. This ensures that in case of any software or hardware failure data is not lost.

In situations where loss of data is not acceptable, use failsafe. One should keep in mind that failsafe mode is a performance hit and should analyze and carefully use this property based on the need.

2. secure: Both for Queue and Topic

The secure property, when set on a destination, specifies permissions should be checked for that destination. When a topic or a queue does not have the secure property turned on, any authenticated user can perform any actions with that topic or queue. When the property is turned on, the administrator can assign permissions to the users. For this property to work, the authorization property must also be enables at the server level configuration file.

Note:The remaining Properties of Destinations will be posted in coming days, Please check for this blog updates daily to keep in touch.


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