Sunday, November 29, 2009

What are adapters? About TIB/Adapter SDK

They are components that enable application integration. They integrate applications with TIB. Their functions include:
  • Data representation mapper
  • Establish connectivity
  • Support for common communications paradigms
  • API hiding

Adapters and the TIB/Adapter SDK

A TIB/Adapter integrates an application in an event-driven, decoupled manner with the rest of the enterprise. Specifically, the adapter integrates third-party software with TIBCO ActiveEnterprise applications.

TIBCO Software Inc. has already released a number of adapter products such as TIB/Adapter for R/3, TIB/Adapter for Clarify, and TIB/Adapter for PeopleSoft. You can buy these products to integrate the respective application with TIB/Rendezvous and ultimately with your event-driven enterprise. You can also use the TIB/Adapter SDK to build a custom adapter for the application you need to integrate.

The TIB/Adapter SDK

All TIBCO adapter products are built on top of the TIB/Adapter SDK, and you can use the SDK to build an adapter of your choice.

The SDK is a class library that allows developers to implement an adapter for their source or target application with minimal effort. The SDK itself encapsulates much of the required behavior; developers implement certain methods and subclasses and specify configuration and metadata information as appropriate.


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