Sunday, April 25, 2010

TIBCO iProcess Conductor

Business processes are prone to unavoidable circumstances that might change how a business process will flow. Because of this complexity, TIBCO iProcess™ Conductoris created. Business applications that are already deployed in the iProcess Engine can dynamically be modified using this tool. There might be inevitable changes that would happen during the runtime of the processes, which need to be taken into account immediately. In that case, this tool is the best choice to do the job.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

TIBCO iProcess Decisions and TIBCO iProcess Engine

TIBCO iProcess™ Decisions:
Every business is accompanied by business rules. These rules are important and should always be followed. At a certain time, rules in businesses can change. For the management to easily adapt to these new rules, TIBCO iProcess™ Decisions provides us with a spreadsheet user interface that handles these rules. This tool has a user friendly environment that even non-technical personnel can use to modify, test and analyze business rules. It has an excellent flexibility to respond to fast changing business rules.

TIBCO iProcess™ Engine:
TIBCO iProcess™ Engine is responsible for the execution of the business processes. All business models are deployed in this engine. It is the one that makes sure that the processes are running. Users and Administrators are connected to this engine. This engine is also responsible for the cases, tasks and instances created by the users and the administrators.

Experience increase in productivity, save cost and achieve efficient business flow. TIBCO iProcess Suite is a powerful business process management tool that will definitely benefit you and your company.


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