Sunday, May 30, 2010

About TIBCO Hawk Display

The TIBCO Hawk Display is a local window for all the activities in the network, which provides a graphical user interface used for viewing active agents in the network. It displays container icons that are created for each agent and arranged in clusters. These agent icons are, by default, clustered according to subnets. It also allows you to customize container icons and to convey added information that can be useful for your monitoring. Menus and dialogs are provided for you to create, modify and distribute rulebases to any agent present in the network. You can also invoke a microagent method that allows you to view the results immediately.


Sunday, May 23, 2010

TIBCO Hawk system architecture

There are two major components that make up the TIBCO Hawk System: Agents and Console Applications.

Agents reside on each computer in the network and perform monitoring and managing duties. It uses rulebases as a monitoring policy and microagents to extract monitoring information and to carry-out specified tasks.

The Console Applications, on the other hand, can be further divided into three subcomponents: the TIBCO Hawk Display that provides the interface to monitor and manage agent behavior in your network, the Event Service that records and logs all the activities of the agent, and the bridges to other management systems.


Sunday, May 16, 2010


TIBCO Hawk is a network monitoring and management software for distributed systems and applications in the enterprise. It is designed using the concept of an independent smart agent that runs on each node in the network to monitor local conditions, so there is no need for a centralized monitoring console or frequent pooling across the network that can consume more bandwidth or cause network traffic.

One of the advantages of using TIBCO Hawk is that it uses less bandwidth while monitoring every machine in the network. It is because TIBCO Hawk distributes the monitoring load to each machine that has locally installed Hawk agents in order to conserve system resources and network bandwidth. The system administrator has now the capability to monitor the operating system, the application parameters and behaviors of each machine in the network using only less bandwidth. Another great advantage of TIBCO Hawk is that, in case of network failure, the Hawk agents will continue to perform local tasks because each agent operates independently from the other.

One of the benefits of using TIBCO Hawk is that it reduces sudden or unexpected system outages and slowdowns. TIBCO Hawk has this capability to automatically repair failures and slowdowns within seconds of detection and it also allows problems to be found and fixed before any slowdowns and failures can occur.


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Business Process Management( BPM) and its activities

Business Process Management(BPM) is simply the management of your business processes. It is a simple yet a powerful concept that helps you increase the efficiency of your business processes. It is a combination of processes and technology. It improves the execution and monitoring of processes. These processes may involve the tasks between two persons, a person and an application or between two applications.

Activities of BPM:
First is the modeling of business processes. This is where you create a flow of your process. You analyze the sequence and model it based on your working environment. Next is the deployment of your created model. The business process model that you create will be deployed so that it will be ready for execution. After that is, the execution where the process is already being used. The process is in action and users can already interact with the application. The last one is the monitoring and maintenance of the application. Monitoring the output and maintaining the processes are essential to every application.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Advantages of iProcess Suite

  • It can accept any type of business process flow.
  • Simplifies complex business processes.
  • Offers full visibility of business flow across the entire enterprise.
  • It reduces the time consumed in managing the processes.
  • It increases the speed of execution of each process.

Another advantage of using this software is that humans and system tasks work hand in hand. For example, if a certain company orders a large amount of items that costs a large amount of money to an iProcess user company, it is a bit inappropriate for the system to comply with that order automatically, so an authentication of the manager or supervisor is needed first before the compliance of the order. It offers excellent flexibility to business changes. Rules and regulations of a business firm can change anytime. IProcess Suite can easily adjust to these new rules with ease.


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