Sunday, July 25, 2010

What Is tibbr?

tibbr™ is the first communication tool specifically built for the workplace that allows the right information to find you.

Unlike social networking applications that focus on the concept of “following people,” tibbr is the first to take an entirely new approach to social computing by allowing you to follow subjects too.

This subject-based approach allows a greater degree of flexibility in what information a user needs and wants to receive at precisely the right time.


Sunday, July 18, 2010

TIBCO HAWK: About Alert messages

Alert messages originate from a rulebase that implements the monitoring policy or logic. When a specified condition occurs, the agent publishes an alert message to the TIBCO Hawk Display and presents it by colors to show the severity of the alert.

It uses colors such as red for high alert, orange for medium alert, yellow for low alert, cyan if it’s recovering, green if it’s ok and purple for no heartbeat. These colors are default to the Hawk Display but it also allows you to change them based on your own preference.

You can also suspend an alert message that will be temporarily neutralized to prevent it from interfering with other monitoring tasks. If ever a condition ceases, these alerts will be cleared or removed in the Display.


Sunday, July 11, 2010

TIBCO HAWK: Rulebase scheduling

Rulebase scheduling allows you to create a schedule that defines when a rulebase, rule, test or action is active or not. These schedules can be imposed on the rulebase to control the monitoring activity and performing corrective tasks.

You can define and assign a schedule using the TIBCO Hawk Display, which must be saved on a file so that it can be assigned later on to one or more agents and can be applied to any rulebase objects.In creating a schedule, you can also specify inclusion and exclusion periods. For example, you can set a rulebase to be activated only during office hours and be deactivated during holidays.


Sunday, July 4, 2010

About hawk rulebases

  • Rulebase refers to a collection of rules that controls the monitoring conducted by the agents, which can be created or modified using the rulebase editor in the TIBCO HAWK Display.
  • It uses a microagent method as a data source to create one or more tests.
  • These tests use If/else construct to check the conditions and includes action if the condition evaluates to true.
  • An action, can be sending an alert or notification messages, execute an OS command, creating post condition, or invoking another microgent method.


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