Sunday, August 15, 2010

About AppManage Utility- Script deployment

The scripting tools allow you to build an EAR file for an application configured in TIBCO Designer, then load the application into one or more TIBCO Administrator administration domains. Deployment options can be specified in a deployment configuration file that is created using the AppManage utility.
  • If your application is not complex and needs only machine bindings defined for each domain, you can use the AppManage utility to create the deployment configuration file from information in the EAR file, then edit the configuration file with the machine names where the applications will be deployed. In this scenario, the TIBCO Administrator GUI is not used.
  • If your application is complex and needs more than machine bindings defined, you can import an EAR file into the TIBCO Administrator GUI and specify deployment configuration options for the application. This method is preferred if your application includes complex mappings, such as fault tolerance, runtime variables, alerts and so on.
In this scenario, the TIBCO Administrator GUI is used to initially set the application’s deployment configuration options. After the options are set, the TIBCO Administrator GUI is no longer used. The AppManage utility updates the deployment configuration file from the application configured in the TIBCO Administrator GUI. The file is edited for each administration domain by changing machine bindings and so on, then deployed into each administration domain.


Sunday, August 1, 2010

About Tibco Silver

TIBCO Silver is the industry's first cloud application delivery platform for the enterprise.It enables organizations to quickly and cost effectively deliver business applications in a secure, well-governed and reliable environment that exploits the elasticity of the cloud.

The Independent Platform for Cloud Applications
TIBCO Silver was designed from the ground up to support cloud application delivery for Global 2000 enterprises. What this means to you is TIBCO Silver addresses all your reliability, scalability, and security challenges of cloud computing for the enterprise regardless of the underlying infrastructure.

Scaling to Meet Business SLAs
TIBCO Silver leverages TIBCO's event-driven middleware to sense and respond to changes in application usage.

Bridging the Security Gap
TIBCO Silver provides an agile infrastructure that delivers governance where and when you want it. This means you are in control and it never gets in the way.


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