Saturday, October 16, 2010

AppManage in Batch Mode

To use the AppManage utility in batch mode you must first create an AppManage.batch file. The file lists the applications and their corresponding EAR and XML files. You can create the file manually, but the files listed in the AppManage.batch file must be specified using relative file paths. The base of those relative paths is the directory specified by thedir option that is given on the AppManage command line.

The easiest way is to generate the file using the -batchExport option. In addition to creating the AppManage.batch file, the option creates an enterprise archive file and XML file for each application in the given domain.

After creating the AppManage.batch file, you can use the AppManage utility to do the following operations in batch mode:
  • Deploy applications
  • Undeploy applications
  • Start or stop applications
  • Delete applications
  • Kill applications
  • Change the transport


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