Sunday, December 12, 2010

Web Service Wizards-1: Creating Web Services From Process Definitions

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Procedure To create a service resource and WSDL file from one or more process definitions
  • Open a project in TIBCO Designer and create one or more process definitions that implement operations you wish to expose as web services. The input,output, and error schemas for each process definition must be specified as WSDL messages.
  • Create a transport shared configuration resource (either HTTP Connection or JMS Connection) to use as the transport for the web service.
  • Select and right-click on the name of one of the process definitions in the project tree.
  • Choose Tools or Multi-User > Generate Web Service > From Process from the pop-up menu.The Generate Web Service dialog appears.
  • Review the values for the fields in the Generate Web Service dialog. The default values may be sufficient for your purposes, or you may wish to change the values.
  • Click Generate to create a Service resource and WSDL file for the selected process definitions.The Service resource is named intf(processDefinitionName)-service and the WSDL file is named intf(processDefinitionName).
  • Click the intf(processDefinitionName)-service resource in the project tree to display the service. Ensure the endpoint bindings are specified correctly. For HTTP transports, you may need to specify the Endpoint URI. For JMStransports, you must specify the destination name and other JMS configuration information.


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