Sunday, April 24, 2011

Persistent Messages Sent to EMS Queues & Topics

Persistent Messages Sent to Queues

Persistent messages sent to a queue are always written to disk. Should the server fail before sending persistent messages to consumers, the server can be restarted and the persistent messages will be sent to the consumers when they reconnect to the server.

Persistent Messages Sent to Topics

Persistent messages published to a topic are written to disk ONLY IF that topic has at least one durable subscriber or one subscriber with a fault-tolerant connection to the EMS server.

Non-durable subscribers that re-connect after a server failure are considered newly created subscribers and are not entitled to receive any messages created prior to the time they are created.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

What is the use of Message Selectors in Tibco EMS

1. A message selector is a string that lets a client program specify a set of messages, based on the values of jms message headers and properties.

2. A selector matches a message if, after substituting header and property values from the message into the selector string, the string evaluates to true.

3. Consumers can request that the server deliver only those messages that match a selector.

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Setting Exclusive property to Tibco ems queue

1. What is the use of exclusive property?

When exclusive is set for the queue, the server sends all the messages on that queue to one consumer. No other consumer can receive messages from the queue.

Instead, these additional consumers act in a standby role; if the primary consumer fails, the server selects one of the standby consumers as the new primary and begins delivering messages to it.

2. Can we set this property to Topics?

No, This property available only for queues.

3. How to set exclusive property to ems queue?

Set the exclusive property using addprop or setprop in tibemsadmin tool.


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