Sunday, August 21, 2011

Web Services: WSDL Transmission Primitives

WSDL has four transmission primitives that an endpoint can support:

  1. One-way. The endpoint receives a message.
  2. Request-response. The endpoint receives a message, and sends a correlated message.
  3. Solicit-response. The endpoint sends a message, and receives a correlated message.
  4. Notification. The endpoint sends a message.
  • Although the base WSDL structure supports bindings for these four transmission primitives, WSDL only defines bindings for the One-way and Request-response primitives.
  • It is expected that specifications that define the protocols for Solicit-response or Notification would also include WSDL binding extensions that allow use of these primitives.


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Web Services: SOAP Fault

  • SOAP Fault element is used to carry error, status information
  • If present it must appear as Body entry and must not appear more than once with in Body element.
  • It contains a faultcode, faultstring, faultactor and detail sub-elements. Former two are mandatory.
  • The contents of faultcode is a QName from XMLSchema.
  • The faultstring's content is a human-readable string.
  • The fault actor element is intended to provide information about who caused fault to happen with in the message path
  • The detail element is intended for carrying application specific error related to Body element. Its absence indicates fault is not related to processing of Body element.


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