Sunday, December 2, 2012

What is TIBCO ActiveFulfillment?

  • TIBCO ActiveFulfillment is a comprehensive software solution to design, deploy and maintain high-performance scalable enterprise level business processes for advanced and dynamic order fulfillment.
  • TIBCO ActiveFulfillment is a meta data driven order management and fulfillment system which allows development of fulfillment plans based on meta-data specified in product catalogs.
  • TIBCO ActiveFulfillment enables companies to quickly introduce new product offerings and in most cases requiring little or no change to fulfillment processes.
  • TIBCO ActiveFulfillment also enables companies to efficiently manage changes to the existing business process to meet rapidly changing business environment.
  • Traditional OSS/BSS approach with their data silos fail to provide a dynamic and agile solution. An end-to-end order management system based on product and service catalogs is a key differentiator of ActiveFulfillment.


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