Sunday, May 26, 2013

Version Control Using TIBCO XML Canon™: Why Use XML Canon with BW?

XML Canon provides
  • Design-time project repository
  • Standards-based (WebDAV)
  •  Revision control system (RCS)
  •  Differencing engine
BusinessWorks project metadata is built in XML. TIBCO XML Canon™ stores, versions and analyzes XML instances, schemas (XSD, DTD, SOX, etc.), WSDL files, and BusinessWorks processes and resources.

XML Canon™ provides tools for storing, versioning and analyzing XML assets as they exist at any particular stage in the development lifecycle.

Why Use XML Canon with BW?
  • XML-based version control
  • Web-based desktop for managing SOA assets
XML Canon provides a web-based desktop for viewing and managing all the services, schemas, shared resources, etc. in its repository, dramatically improving reusability.

Fine-grained data services like database lookups may be independent. But as higher-level, composite business services such as "Hiring an employee" or "Processing a Loan" are implemented, inter-dependencies increase. XML Canon allows users to analyze the impact of an asset change, process-, project- or enterprise-wide.


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