Sunday, August 25, 2013

Iprocess engine architecture: (Process Sentinels)

The iprocess engine can be split in to four major areas as shown below.

  1. Process Sentinels.
  2. Foreground.
  3. Mbox set.
  4. Background.
Process Sentinels:

  • The Process Sentinels are responsible for controlling all the TIBCO iProcess Engine processes.
  • Start processes during a Server start up or upon a system administrator request. It will control the order in which the processes are started. 
  • Detect failed processes and restart them automatically. Shut down the processes when the system is shutdown or upon a system administrator request to stop the system 
  • Monitor other Process Sentinels and restart them if they fail. Maintain the list of all active user logins.
Processes that are controlled by the Process Sentinels are listed below: 

                      1. Background (BG) 
                      2. Database Queue Daemon(DBQD) 
                      3. Deadline Manager(DLMGR) 
                      4. Introspection Activity Publication JMS (IAPJMS) 
                      5. Prediction (BGPREDICT) 
                      6. RPC Background  
                      7. RPC Pool Server(RPC_POOL) 
                      8. iProcess Objects Server 
                      9. WIS MBOX Daemon (WISMBD) 
                      10. Work Item Server (WIS) 
                      11. Work Queue Server (WQS)

For detailed information on these foreground processes CLICK HERE


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